We deliver cost and time efficient solutions while providing one-to-one customer service.

We help you identify your needs considering technical specifications, priorities and budget.

We compare potential suppliers from small and specialized to multinational manufacturers.

We select and suggest the best alternatives for new, used and rebuilt equipment.

We take care of the logistics while you keep growing your business.

We offer warehousing and, both air & sea export solutions.

You can rely on us for any information regarding spare parts replacement and any after-sales needs.


From expandables and spare parts to derricks and masts, as well as everything in between, we offer a wide range of equipment for the Oil & Gas Industry.

Drilling & Well Service Rigs

New, Used or Rebuilt.

Hoisting System

Substructures, masts, drawworks, brakes, chains, hook blocks, hooks and travelling blocks.

New, Used or Rebuilt.

Drilling Fluid Equipment

Mud pumps, fluid end expendables, hammer unions, chicksan, swivels, couplings.

New, Used or Rebuilt.

Drilling Pressure Control

BOP and parts, accumulator stations, pneumatic air valves, gate, butterfly and shear relief valves, hydraulic and centrifugal pumps.

New, Used or Rebuilt.

Power Systems

Diesel engines, overhaul kits, diesel generators, air compressors, Allison transmissions, top drives, power swivels..

New, Used or Rebuilt.

Handling Tools

Elevators, tubing spiders, slips, elevator links, safety clamps, wire ropes, clips, thimbles, shackles, turnbuckles, rotary tables, lever blocks.

Interested in buying handling tools?


Other Tools

Welding machines and spare parts, winches, lever blocks, straight pipe wrenches, hammer wrenches, gauges, specialized tools.

New, Used or Rebuilt.

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